5 Gifts for your Groomsmen!

A gift for the Groomsmen is a nice way to say thank you for not just being a friend, but for wearing the expensive tuxedo, for ushering the guests down the aisle, and for not revealing your deep dark secrets during the reception toast.  But what type of gift do you get for someone like that?Here are a few suggestions for Groomsmen gifts:

A personal touch is a good way to go — add a monogram a set of cuff links.  A simple, and well-placed set of initials can give something ordinary a little flair.

Go for guy stuff — it’s as easy and classic. A flask is one of the greatest groomsman gifts.  It’s continuous, yet practical, with a shameless male-bonding quality.

You should avoid gifts that are ridiculously cheap — but this doesn’t mean you have to choose something extremely pricy either.  A monogrammed mug is a great reminder of your friendship that he will have every morning.

You could go for something sleek, and convenient like a watch.  It’s not something too outrageous, and your groomsmen will constantly use it.

Remember that your gift doesn’t need to be something you can hold – it could be something you hold onto.  Why not invest in a personalized money clip?

These, plus many more, are great ideas for giftsfor your buds.  Make sure to steer clear of anything that has any relation to the bride because this is a man-to-man gift.  This gift should simply say “thanks dude, and enjoy”.



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