Give A Gift That Keeps On Giving

Everybody loves wedding favors, and if you want to give wedding favors to your guests that are special to you, check out some of these amazing organizations that allow you to give to charity while giving to your guests:

Partner up with GAP and Join (RED):

(RED) is a simple idea that transforms our incredible collective power as consumers into a financial force to help others in need.  Why not choose one of their red colored products from the Apple store like the iPod Nano, or the first-ever (APPLE)RED Smart Cover for iPad 2. There are also the (PRODUCT)RED™ Special Edition Lucky bracelets from Carolina Bucci, which are designed to capture the spirit of childhood friendship bracelets within the world of fine jewelry.

Global Goods Partners:

Global Goods Partners offer handmade gifts that support women.  They have a lot to choose from, such as Jewelry such as Wooden Bangles, Beaded Bracelets and More To Support Women Artisans.Scarves which are all fair-trade, handmade and eco-friendly.  Home décor, such as African Baskets, Unique Candles, or even Hand embroidered coasters.  All of these gifts are dedicated to empowering women, alleviating poverty, and promoting social justice.

Marie Claire:

Marie Claire offers feel good gifts that give back. Check out their website to see an extensive collection of fun and charitable gifts that can double as favors for your wedding.  Why not get Aveda’s Destined for Smoothness Set, an all-in-one package that comes with two of their best-selling products: the Smooth Infusion shampoo and the style-prep smoother; with part of the proceeds going toward saving the Colombian Rainforest.  Or you can get aFEED Guatemala 3 Large Ikat tote, not only are they stylish, but these versatile tote bags are handmade by Nest, a nonprofit organization that empowers female artisansaround the globe

There is a lot of struggle and hardship that is happening all around us,and with all of the love being spread around on your special day,why not share a little bit with the world?

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