Whether you are planning a backyard wedding or need chairs/ rentals for your reception in a ballroom, renting furniture gives you more options when planning the decor for your event. Nevertheless, before signing with a rental company it is very important to review and understand their policies and terms.

  1. Who is setting up all the rentals? Some companies will deliver the furniture and then set it up for you, while others will deliver and leave you or your venue to set it up. Make sure that the venue will not charge you extra for this.
  2. Who is bagging and unbagging the rental chairs? Most rental companies will charge extra for unbagging rental chairs and putting on the cushions. The same holds true at the end of the night when they come to pick up. These charges can really add up and you need to be very clear who is taking this responsibility ( It is you? Is it the venue? Is it the rental company)
  3. Even though it may seem unlikely that your rented furniture will become damaged at your event, you should still make it a point to find out from your rental company how much you will be charged if the furniture happens to become damaged. This is especially true for linen. It is very common for guests to spill food or even wine on rented linen. Are you the one who will be left with the hefty dry cleaning bill?

Asking some questions beforehand could prevent the possibility that the rental company might drive up and drop the furniture off at your location, leaving you to do all the hard work yourself. Just like all wedding documents, it is a vital read all the fine print prior to signing any rental agreement.

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