After Party

Once your reception ends, the celebration doesn’t have to stop.  Many of our couples have decided to extend the night and keep the party going.  There are several options for an after-party and below are some of our recommendations.

1.) Rent the Hospitality Room at your Venue

Here you can order the food you want from an outside restaurant. You can also have your own DJ and selection of music. However, you may have to pay the DJ for the extra hours and supply your own alcohol.

2.) Get Table Service at a Bar or Club

With this option, you won’t have to extend your DJ additional hours or provide alcohol for the party. However, it will not be a private event and you won’t be able to select your own music. Arranging transportation to and from the club can also get costly.

3.) Rent a Penthouse

This can be a real nice surprise for your guests.  You can bring your own food or even order food from outside. You can also choose the music you listen to and have your own personal DJ.  As with the hospitality room, you may have to pay the DJ for extended hours and supply your own alcohol. Renting a penthouse can also get costly.

These are just a few suggestions.  The possibilities are endless for continuing a memorable evening and keeping your guests entertained well into the night.

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