Airport Transfers

One of the big questions we get from our destination brides is: Should I offer airport transfers for my guest? We never give the same answer as this is something that depends on each individual case. For starters this can get very costly depending on your guest count. Some companies offer a per person rate, where as others offer hourly or daily rates for shuttles.

Our answer strongly depends on where your wedding is, how many guest you are having and how far the airport is from the venue. If you are hosting your event somewhere in the US (like Miami or California) where cabs are readily available we suggest skipping offering the service, also if your venue is close to the airport ( let’s say 10-15min) chances are guests will be able to find their own transportation easily.

If you are hosting your event abroad or in a remote location then airport transfers are a must, you don’t want your guests getting lost at the airport or on their way to your venue. When offering transportation make sure to keep the following in mind:

1. Specify to your guests what airport to arrive to. If there is more than one airport in the area, be sure to let them know for which airport the transfers will be available.
2. Consider offering transportation between certain time frames (ie. flights landing between 9am-6pm)
3. If you are offering transfers for all flights make sure the transportation company has a plan set in motion in case flights get delayed or cancelled.

4. Remember that you will need to collect travel information for every single guest. This can get complicated with guests arriving on different days, flights and airlines.

If you are not offering any sort of transportation it’s always good to offer your guests phone numbers for local car rental companies as well as cab companies so they can make their own plans ahead of time.