All My Trips This Month


I feel like I have been everywhere in the last few weeks. In March, I went to Birmingham, AL to meet Sheetal and her family who are planning an Indian/American Wedding at the Marriott Ross Bridge. This was my first time in Birmingham and all I have to say is, “It is not NYC for sure!”. I was really not knowing what to expect but Sheetal and her family was so wonderful and so gracious. It was as if I had known them for so long. What an extravaganza that is going to be; 500 guests for all over the world. We have a Mehendi event where we a converting a regular into a Moroccan Tent. Then the Garba full of color and then the wedding and reception the next day. I love the three and four day events but soooo much work.. each event has to be diff and unique. You have to put your creativity hat on. The funny part is that Sheetal and Ryan live in L.A., I live in NYC and the parents are in Birmingham, AL. I have never had and Indian Bride with a Southern Accent.. so cool!    

After that trip, I was on to Dallas, TX to meet Vani and her lovely parents. She is getting married at the beautiful Fairmont Hotel in Downtown Dallas. Again, both her and I live in NYC but the wedding and parents are there. She is so super cute. I was there for 2 days and every two hours we had appointments. We got so much covered from Photo, Video, DJ, Hair & Makeup, Florist and that was just Saturday. On Sunday, we did the rehearsal dinner location and lighting. We hit on all the major topics.

Then I was on my way to Upstate NY… Utica… to be exact where I met with Mrs. Mani. We are planning her daughter’s wedding in Utica. We finalized her flowers and actually had the florist do the mock centers so Mrs. Mani and her daughter (who lives in San Fran) can actually see them.. I took photos to send to the bride.

Finally, it was on to Washington D.C. for two table showings and a tasting at my fav place the Ronald Reagan ITC.

What a month! Thank goodness for all the help I have from our great team of Katherine, Neeti, Camille, Beth and Ellen who always are there to help me when I am traveling all over the place. Also, I can’t forget my husband, Jay, who calls me every morning and every night to say Good Morning and Good Night.

Which is what I should be saying… GOOD NIGHT

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