Benefits of a Hospitality Suite

Hospitality suites have now become a part of many weddings where guests are traveling from a distance and I’m not just talking about destination weddings. I’ve done weddings where the hospitality suite is used to welcome guests as they arrive to the hotel, hand out welcome bags, and provide them with information about the upcoming events. The suites can also be used as a gathering place for guests in between events.  Your guests will be grateful for having a space to socialize rather than the lobby or being stuck in their room.  The last wedding we did, the hospitality suite was used through out the 4 day event.   I advise the hosts to use the space to provide their guests breakfast, drinks, snacks in the afternoon and newspaper to read. If your guests are traveling from out of town, they probably don’t know their way around or have transportation, so the hospitality suite becomes a go to place for them.  The hospitality suites help to create an overall atmosphere where your guests feel like they are being taken care of.   So remember when planning your event, consider having a hospitality suite for your guests.  They will truly appreciate it.

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