Benefits of Paying with a Credit Card vs. Checks

We all know weddings are about celebrating the love between you are your fiancé, but let’s face it—figuring out how to pay for all of it, is an extremely important part of planning a wedding. When it comes to deciding what form of payment to use for the wedding services, it is valuable to weight out the pro’s and con’s of each type. Traditionally, many couples prefer to pay for their wedding services with checks; nevertheless, using a credit card can present numerous benefits…..

1) The convenience and hassle free nature of using a credit card can be very calming amidst an extremely stressful time. Companies can automatically charge your card when payments are due, leaving you worry free and ensuring that all your payments are made on time.

2) When you pay by credit as opposed to check or cash, you are getting a guarantee on your goods and services not only from the vendor but from the credit company as well.

3) Credit cards create a paper trail allowing you to keep better control over your spending.

4) The biggest perk that comes from using a credit card is the potential rewards that certain credit cards offer. If you have a rewards card, you may be able to accumulate enough points to pay for a portion of your honeymoon, be eligible for hotel and airfare upgrades, and many more benefits.

Even though you may be paying with a check, it is important to consider the possible benefits of using a credit card.

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