Best 3 Limo Companies in NY and NJ

We frequently get asked by our brides to recommend limo companies for their wedding day. There are three limo companies we would recommend and they serve NY and NJ Areas. They are:

A Stretch Out
All Legacy Transportation
M&V Limousines Ltd.

There are some important questions to ask after you book your limo company.

1. Most times, the company will not be able to give you the name of the driver until the day of your event, but ask for the name and cell phone number of the driver.

2. Another thing to ask or research is where the limo driver can park. In NYC especially, finding a parking spot for limo drivers can be difficult. It’s best to ask the venue, church, hotel, etc beforehand and notify the limo company.

3. Ask the driver to be dressed appropriately. Tell him if you have any specific requests such as rolling out a red carpet for your guests or bridal party

4. Ask the driver or the company to make signage with your wedding party name. It is very important that guests know this is the limo for them. In NYC, there are limos everywhere and this is to avoid any confusion.

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