Bollywood Choreographers and Dance Troupes

We recently got asked about local Bollywood Choreographers and Dance Troupes. There’s no better way of ensuring your guests have an amazing time at your sangeet or wedding reception than by hiring a professional group of dancers! Hiring professional Bollywood choreographers for dance lessons before your big day is a great way to make sure you and your fiancee look like pros on the dance floor. Bringing in a dance troupe for a performance is also a terrific way to wow your guests and make your even unforgettable!

Some of our favorite choreographers and dance troupes that we have worked with in the past in the NY and NJ area are:

1. Arati Ghosh
Soul Salsa New York Chapter

2. Minila Shah
Ajna Dance Company

3. Renu Lamba

4. Bollywood Axion

5. F.A.J.U. – Chirag
Bhangra Dance Team