I read this in a magazine when I was on a plane…

“My coworker is getting married, and she’s turned into a complete bridezilla. I could write a movie script about the living hell she’s put all of us through. In spite of my total lack of interest in such things, I’ve learned about “hot colors” and theme consultants and catering contracts and handmade stationary and persnickety musicians who break their contracts in favor of better -paying gigs. The only part of this wedding I am looking foward to is when she leaves on her honeymoon.
She hasn’t done half her job for the past month. She has a special “wedding” cell phone. and although I might wait for days for a response to a simple email query, that wedding phone is answered in a nanosecond, even if we’re all in a meeting and even if the boss is visiting from upstairs.
I’m a single guy. I don’t have kids. I don’t date anyone from work. I just do my job and don’t complain. I don’t understand why certain people have these insane priviledges just because they have sick kids, get engaged, have an attack of melodrama, or whatever. Should I start a movement for non-prima-donna right? Any advice on how to cope would be appreciated.”
-Weary in New Jersey

Why label a bride a “bridezilla”?

This week, I have heard so many people refer to a bride as a bridezilla. It kind of throws me off as there is a lot of details when it comes to planning. So, does questioning, negotiating and calling 10 times a day make you a bridezilla?
The answer is NO!

I have brides who try to negotiate prices and they are called “Bridezilla”.
I have grooms who are highly involved and they are called “Groomzillas”.
I always find it funny how these labels come to be.

I really feel that this is a special, and most of the time, a very expensive day. A bride or a groom has the right to be demanding in their needs. I know I drove everyone around me crazy when I was getting married. It can become overwhelming for a bridde. Many people do not realize that planning a wedding can be or become a full time job. That’s why hiring a wedding planner (like us, of course) can help! Our goal is to get the bride (and family) organized, allow her to focus on her career and not drive the groom crazy! We also give the bride an outlet to talk about her wedding and voice her concerns without being critical.

We want everyone to have a happy planning experience!

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