What To Bring For A Destination Wedding

When having a destination wedding you want to make sure your guests feel like they are on vacation, and just like on vacations there is always last minute packing. This always leads to forgetting things. So make sure to give your guests a heads up with a reminder of must bring things. Here is a list we put together:

1. Sun block
2. Flip Flops (especially if wedding is on the beach)
3. Hand sanitizer
4. Change of clothes in their carry on-just in case their luggage gets lost.
5. Passport and original documents
6. Snacks (some hotels are very expensive in terms of food)
7. All necessary medicines
8. Bathing suit and cover up
9. Power converter 110 to 220
10. Powder drink mixes- crystal light, or lemonade mixes (small packets)
11. Lavender scented oils or candles (in case they feel jet lagged)

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