Cake Cake Cake

It was a week full of cake tastings with brides last week. It is always so much fun.
Gone are the days that brides just walk into a grocery store and order a cake.
Cakes are as important to a wedding as the flowers. It really makes a statement
and represents the bride and the groom (let’s not forget the groom).
We had one of our brides who did her cake tasting recently.
The cake maker let me hold one of these delicate flowers… I was so amazed at how real these sugar flowers look! Check it out.

Also, I went in this week to meet one of my favorite cake makers in New York…. Mrs. Silvia Weinstock. I just love her.. so cute she is with those fun glasses. Her cakes not only are a work of art but they TASTE SO WONDERFUL. There is so much to choose from white cake, yellow cake, chocolate cake; so many flavors- blood orange, coffee, raspberry, mocha, apricot, and on and on and on.

I really tell our brides not to forget the groom on this one. We have more and more bride’s doing a groom’s cake. This is really a Southern Traditon but now our Indian Brides are doing this as well (my husband, Jay, loves the Yankees, I would probably do a Yankees hat since this really would show off a team he loves).

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