Candy Display Tables

At one of our recent weddings, we did two display tables that represented the bride and the groom. At the entrance of their sangeet ballroom, we set up two large tables- one had photos of the bride with her family and friends, and the other with the groom’s side images. We added accents to it by showing their hobbies. The bride loved to shop so we did bags from Manolo Blahnik (my favorite), Gucci, Burberry, Cartier and Tiffany & Co. The groom loved the Chicago Cubs. So, we displayed a Cubs hat, blanket, baseball, and coffee cups. We also set out about 50 different sizes and style of jars and added in the bride and groom’s favorite candies. IT WAS A HUGH HIT! WE COULD NOT GET THE GUESTS AWAY FROM THIS VERY ENTICING TABLE. Just one of the great ideas our team came up with for this wedding. Remember, think outside of the box at all times!



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