Capturing the Moment-Wedding Photographers

A wedding photographer is supposed to capture the very essence of your wedding. Those timeless moments that will live on well after the ceremony. So when choosing a photographer, be sure that they can respond positively to the following:

1. How many main shooter and secondary shooters do they bring?
2. What professional qualifications do they carry?
3. Are they a part of any professional organization?
4. What are their payment terms?
5. Do they have the experience with photographing a wedding of your style?
6. What is the average turnaround time for receiving the finished product?
7. Are there any special deals that they offer along with their typical wedding packages?
8. What is their refund policy?
9. Are there any extra services that come with packaging the photos?
10. How much would total services cost?

Once the photographer successfully answers these questions, you can mark that as another task accomplished on your wedding to do list!

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