Card Box Safety

Now a days more and more couples are opting for no boxed gifts at their reception and instead choosing to have a card box. We personally like card boxes because it minimizes the clutter, they can blend in very nicely with your decor, and who would want to carry around gifts. Here are a few safety tips to keep in mind for your card box:

1. Make sure it is placed somewhere that it is visible to everyone, we usually recommend putting it right next to the sweethearts table, this way no one can miss it and you can always keep an eye on it.

2. Make sure the box is completely sealed and not easily opened. We prefer boxes that have a lock and key.

3. Put someone trusted in charge of the box. This person can empty the box if it gets too full and they are responsible for giving you all the cards at the end of the night.

4. We have seen a few birdcages that double as the card box. Although they are beautiful to look at, they are not practical. It is easy for the cards to slip out, or for someone to just take them out.

5. Do not under any circumstances put your card box outside of the ballroom.

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