Changing Your Name

Although we live in a modern society, the questions still arises for new brides, and sometimes grooms, if they should change their last name and how to go about doing it. Some change their last name because of tradition, may be easier when you start having children and for mailing purposes to be addressed the same last name, and some want to feel more united to their spouse.

Whatever your reason for changing your last name, it can be a confusing and overwhelming experience if you don’t know who to contact and what to do. Here is the basic information for anyone interested in changing their last name:

Change your name after the wedding and honeymoon. If you change your name before make sure you have all the proper documents, like your passport, has your new name when you travel.

Have a Certified Marriage License with for your appointments and records.

Contact the Social Security Administration at (800) 772-1213 to change your name. There is no cost, so if anyone tries to charge you it is a scam.

Go to the DMV in person. Bring your Certified Marriage License and new Social Security Card.

When you have completed these changes you can make other name changes with other institutions. Call them to see their requirements.

-Friends and family
-Post office
-Phone company and other utilities
-Banks and other financial institutions
-Credit card companies
-Schools and alumni associations
-Voter registration
-Mortgages and leases
-Insurance policies
-Magazine subscriptions
If you decided not to change your name because you want to keep your identity or to keep your family name, that is acceptable as well. However, you may still be addressed and Mrs. Smith by some, but don’t let that bother you if you decide to keep your last name.

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