Charger Plates for your Reception

Adding a finishing touch on the table at your wedding reception can be as simple as just adding one simple plate, called a charger plate. A charger plate is a decorative platter, larger then a dinner plate; it is not used for serving food, but rather used as a layering table accessory.  There are so many different charger plates that you can use at your reception. Choosing a brightly colored charger plate can help change the look at your reception completely. Take a look at some of the different options we suggest to use!

A list below of different types of charger plates:
-Metallic Bright Beaded
-Silver or Gold, Melamine Plastic
-Silver Beaded Glass
-Clear  or Colored Glass
-Crystal Beaded
-Stainless Steel
-Birch Wood
-Decorative Metal
-Embossed Ceramic

Different Shapes:




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