Cocktail Hour Timing

Cocktail Hour is one of the most important parts of your reception. By this time guests are generally pretty hungry and ready to get the party started. Even though the standard timing for cocktails is just 1hour, we always like to suggests our clients to do 1.5 hours of cocktails.

Here are the 5 main reasons:
1. Most guests tend to run a little late, therefore if cocktails are 1hr they are missing out on most of it.

2. Cocktail hour is where guests tend to eat and drink the most, so give them time to enjoy and mingle.

3. Extending the cocktail hour allows for the Bride and Groom to make a small appearance, even if just for 30min at the tail end.

4. If you are hosting your ceremony and reception in the same space, flipping the room might take a while, so giving your decorator and venue an extra 30min to set up can be a huge help.

5. If you are already paying per person, you want to make sure all guests are there to enjoy it. This way everyone has fun and you are not wasting your money.