So Cold in NYC… Work, Work, Work!

It is only 9 degrees outside! I guess it is really good as I have not left my house for the last two days! I am so overly caught up on work. I love it.

We have been off to a great start this year with lots of calls and bride bookings.

We have been telling brides not to let the economy get in the way of planning the wedding of their dreams.

Isn’t that why you are hiring a planner? A planner is your best confidante and another avenue to help you save your hard earned money.

Our job is to give you a beautiful wedding and to be there to listen to you. We live in the same economy as our brides and we certainly understand the dilemma between saving and spending on your dream wedding.

It helps that all of us at the company are the ultimate thrifty spenders! We never pay full price for anything! Trust me, if we can’t help you save money, no one can!

You only get married once but you want to think of your future, too.

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