Colors We Love for Fall Weddings


Fall weddings are some of the most coveted weddings to have. Not only do you have the great weather and the amazing wedding deals, you have the beautiful colors that make Fall the wonderful season that it is. With its bold greens, illuminating deep oranges and fiery reds, it’s no wonder why brides book weddings in the Fall once they say their “yes”.

Some favorite Fall colors include:

1) Deep to burnt oranges
2) Apple reds
3) Vegetable greens
4) Deep sea blues

Some other favorites are:

1) Bright lemon yellows
2) Sunset pinks
3) Evening purples/ Aubergine eggplant color
4) Chocolate browns

If you center the theme of your wedding around these illustrious colors, then you will truly set the bar for the perfect Fall wedding!

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