Cool Ideas to Enhance Your Event

We get asked all the time for innovative and cool entertainment ideas for events. Here are some of our favorite additions to your Reception to really elevate your guests’ experience!

Mixologist – concoct personal cocktails that tie in your wedding story and theme to wow your guests

Flair Bartenders – great way to keep your guests entertained at the bar while they wait for their drinks to be made

Nitrogen Ice Cream – an added touch of excitement to your desserts and always a huge hit with guests: both adults and kids. We love all the flavors 321 Chillz has to offer!

Aerialists – Whether the aerialist is pouring glasses of champagne for your guests above the dance floor or they are performing death defying feats many feet above the ground – these cirque due soleil inspired entertainment are bound to leave your guests’ jaws dropping to the floor!

360 Video Booths and GIF Booths – out are the traditional photo booths and in are the latest technology video and GIF booths. These can be instantly downloaded at the event for guests to post on the gram! How fun are these from Studio Z from our recent wedding!