Creative Centerpieces

Centerpieces play a huge part in setting the theme for the reception. Lately my brides have been making very unique choices when it comes to these decorations. I decided to compare some of the ideas that I’ve encountered and give my opinion on what looks good.

This centerpiece is one of the larger ones. It makes a powerful statement when guests walk into a room. The vases are tall, and there are only a few on each table, which can make a distinct impression. All of the linens and chairs are white, so the pink crystals stand out. The crystals, colored to match the flowers, create a beautiful effect in the evening as they reflect the lighting. I really like the color pink, but what also appeals to me is the use of the crystals to offer different moods throughout the night, especially if you are going to have lighting changes.

This centerpiece is elegant and sophisticated. The white hydrangea give the room a very romantic feel. The orange flowers color this centerpiece, making it a little more modern. I like that the vase is not filled in this centerpiece, as it is easier for guests to see one another across the table and enjoy each other’s company. Along with the chocolate linens, this centerpiece offers a romantic, warm feel for the reception.

The trend is also to do mixed centerpieces. It is best to be able to give some height to the room but also do low centerpieces with a variety of vases. This is yet another very modern look we see around New York City.

You can always save on the flowers and do candle centerpieces. I love this one that we saw a photo of..

The main idea is to keep your centerpiece unique and reflecting your taste.

A new trend for centerpieces is the use of fruit; I showed an example earlier how Nishma and Neerav used oranges in their centerpieces, but any fruit can work. The whole centerpiece can be just fruit or fruit can be mixed with flowers to create a great focal point for the table. By alternating the fruit in vases filled with water, the fruit stays fresh. It also adds color and brightness to the design. I have to say that this is a great idea for a more modern couple.

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