A Day at the Spa—the Perfect Stress Reliever!

Weddings can be stressful, and it’s natural to want some rest. It’s also the perfect excuse to spend a day at the spa. Pre-wedding pampering is always a great stress reliever before your wedding day, and it’s an amazing gift to show your appreciation to your bridal party for all their help and dedication throughout the nuptials.

I recommend that my brides take at least one day to relax before their weddings. With the tranquil atmosphere found in many spas, believe me, you will leave feeling refreshed and anxiety free.

There are so many spas that have great wedding packages that are not only therapeutic (facials, massages and wraps) but also cosmetic (manicures, pedicures, hair and makeup). They even have group packages for your entire wedding party to take advantage of!

The best luxury spas can be found near your wedding location. I’ve found that nearly every hotel and resort has one, so finding somewhere to accommodate you and your bridal party is simple, just make sure to book one in advance.

Here’s a helpful website that you can search for reputable spas near you:
My favorite spa in the whole world is…

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