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D E C O R : L I N E N S

We are often asked by our brides to come up with creative ideas to enhance décor. One of the first things we recommend is for them to pay careful attention to their selection of linen. Let’s face it, your guests are going to be sitting at their tables for a good part of the event, eating dinner and conversing with other guests, and the linen laying on their tables will not go unnoticed.

From our experience planning weddings over the years, we have seen that many brides do not know much about the different types of linen available and often overlook this important decision.

Here is a quick guide on the types of linen that you can choose from. Remember that the right selection of linen should not only incorporate your personal tastes but should also complement all of the other facets of your overall décor.

***Lamour— This is a glamorous linen that looks very rich on the table. It has a high shine value and reflects light very well. There are normally no texture elements to this linen- It is smooth.

***Polycotton —This is the basic type of linen that most venues will offer you. It has a flat finish. This linen is great because it is inexpensive to rent and comes in a plethora of colors. You can even use the crisp white that most venues offer and add a polycotton napkin of your favorite color to give your table a simple yet elegant appeal.

***Sparkle Organza—This linen is used mostly as an overlay. It is thin and see-through but as its name suggests, it has lots of sparkle. It works great on top of a polycotton linen to add pazzaz. You can even pin it to create a ripple affect going down the table. This linen should not be used directly on top of a table as it is too sheer.

*** Regal Stripe Sheer —This linen consists of an alternating pattern of solid and sheer fabric. The strips are generally in a uniform color theme such as red to create an elegant striped look.

***Crushed Shimmer—This linen has a high shine quality but unlike the smooth Lamour, it is a crushed linen that gives your table a dark and light look. The ‘crush’ causes the linen to be uneven and reflect light.

***Pintuck—This one is my personal favorite. I love using Pintuck as it is a thick, shiny linen that has a raised criss-cross pattern caused by the stitching into the linen. This linen is stunning as it reflects light but also adds a lot of texture.

***These are just a few of the types of linens that a bride can choose from. As brides consider the type of linen that is right for them, they of course will be concerned with how much it is going to cost. Our suggestion is to go for a colored polycotton linen if you are looking for a magnificent look on a lower budget and to go for a pintuck or a lamour linen for a rich, smooth or textured look and are willing to spend a little bit more.

So the next time you are flipping through a bridal magazine, pay attention to the look of tables and the linen. You may notice a particular look that is exactly what you have in mind and this will ultimately help you decide which linen is right for you.

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