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At Devi’s Closet you can borrow designer saris, salwar kameez, dresses, sherwani, kurtas, handbags and accessories all worn by Bollywood celebrities for as little as $15 for accessories and $40 for outfits. This is a perfect solution for any couple or guests on a budget for an Indian wedding that is multiple days long. Many of our clients and guests of clients have taken full advantage of this to save money and time. Going to any little India around the country or shopping online for a wedding will set you back $1,000 for a low quality sari, kurta, sherwani or dress. Don’t forget you still have to get a blouse and petticoat stitched and this will cost you another $50-$75 for both pieces. It’s really not worth the hassle. Furthermore, if you are a trendy fashionista you are going to want matching accessories and will need to run around and spend another $100- $500.

Devi’s Closet comes to the rescue with an alternative where you can rent the complete look for a fraction of the retail price. When you rent a sari from Devi’s Closet it includes a matching stitched blouse and petticoat. You can rest assured the blouse will fit as they are all adjustable or available in multiple sizes.

Bollywood Purplish Pink Gold Embellished Saree – $103
Kohlapuri Gold Necklace with Ruby Loop Earrings- $25
Total= $128 which includes earrings, necklace, blouse, petticoat sari and the cleaning of the garment 

Jacquard Spaghetti Suit/Dress- $40

Alexandria Earrings- $15
Silver Wallet Purse- $25
Total= $80 for all 3 pieces

Here’s how Devi’s Closet works:
1. Select the outfit and/or accessory of your choice
2. Enter your zip code
3. Enter your size
4. Enter your event date
5. Beautiful package will be sent to your doorstep
6. Flaunt your beautiful sari and jewelry
7. Place the outfit in the prepaid packaging provided and drop in any USPS mailbox. Devi’s Closet will take care of the cleaning.

You can rent a complete look from Devi’s Closet for under $100 vs. $1,000+ to buy in Little India or online. Not only will you look super chic but you won’t have to deal with
1. A cluttered closet full of worn and outdated Indian clothes
2. Worry about being photographed in the same Indian outfit and jewelry twice
3. Blowing your money to buy Indian clothes ever again! It’s all about fashion on a budget!

Devi’s Closet is an online website for men and women to RENT or Borrow luxury Indian clothes and accessories at a fraction of the retail price. They ship all over the U.S. Wherever you decide to have your wedding or special event they can help you and your guests with your styling needs and wardrobe. Call them at 1-888-991- DEVI or e-mail the team at

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  1. My son is getting married in England in February I am interested in renting two dresses one for the Mendi and one fir the Nicah do you have a selection to choose from also since I found this site my daughters might also be interested as well

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