Devi’s Closet

One of our clients found this great website that we thought we would share with the rest of you!

Check out Devi’s Closet, the easiest way to rent your outfit for your next big event. Yes, we said rent! They offer some of the top Indian designers for a fraction of the cost. Just rent your dream outfit and return it after your event… how convienent?

Here is how it works:
1. On their home page, choose the date of your event, your size and zip code where the item will be shipped.

2. All the available styles for that date will come up by price, style and occasion.

3. Choose the outfit you like and reserve it on the calendar (make sure to select a rental date of 2 days before the event to guarantee your order will arrive on time).

4. Make sure to select a backup size; you get this completely free.

5. Enjoy your outfit and once you are done, return it completely free. Just drop off your outfit at any blue USPS mailbox and you are done.

Happy Renting!

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