DIY Cocktail Hour Centerpieces


Decor is one of the most important aspects of your big day which every bride knows. However, knowing which decor to splurge on and which to save on is even more important.

Luncheons and Cocktail Hour are meant to be simple but they do need decor. A great way to add a little decor without breaking the bank is to get a little crafty and to make some fun centerpieces yourself.

Here are some ideas we are in love with:

Consider panting old bottles and using them as vases.
If you love a little bling, why not cover simple votives with glitter.
Mason jars are also a great option as there are many things you can do with them. Consider covering them in twine for a rustic feel or just add a little water and a floating candle.
 If you want a little more pizzaz adding some sequins to small bud bases will make a big impact.
If you are a wine lover, gather your collection of wine glasses and flip them! It’s that simple, add a bud of your favorite flower and a fragrant candle and voila!
Tall vases give you a multitude of options, from submerged flowers, floating candles, even fruit displays. The sky is the limit.