Donation Favors

Providing favors to your guests is a must have at most weddings. Many couples have difficulty coming up with something that is both meaningful to them and pleasing for their guests. There are certainly many options to choose from but one which really stands out today is donation favors.

Donation favors have become widely popular in the past few years. The couple chooses their favorite charity or organization, and in honor of their guests, makes a donation. You can let your guests know of your donation on their behalf in several ways. You can prepare an elegant card giving the details of your donation and either place it in a picture frame next to your guest book so guests see it when they sign the book or at guests’ tables so they see the card when they sit for dinner. Some couples may simply choose to notify their guests by mentioning it in their ‘thank-you speech’ at the reception.

At a recent wedding, the couple chose to donate to “Doctors without Borders”, , an organization that was very near and dear to them. “Doctors without Borders” is independently funded and is committed to bringing quality medical care to people in crises regardless of their race, religion, or political affiliation.

Other popular organizations you can choose to donate to include:

*American Cancer Society
*American Red Cross
*Your local SPCA
*National Arbor Day Foundation
*Make a Wish Foundation

You can give to larger organizations or to some local charities in your community. Whichever you choose, it should have meaning to both you and your spouse

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