The Do’s and Don’ts of an Outdoor Summer Wedding

Having an outdoor, summer Indian wedding could be amazing, but you need to make sure you cover all of your bases:

Do make sure you cover the top of the Mandap.  You want to make sure you are sitting in the shade; otherwise you run the risk of strange shadows on your face, and blazing sun

Do make sure you provide covering for your guests.  You can set up canopies, or cabanas, and even big umbrellas.

Do consider your ceremony time.  Having your ceremony in the afternoon might mean peak sun and hot guests.We recommend you plan for a ceremony in the earlier morning or early evening, and opt for a shaded area.

Do consider lighter food that complement the weather.  Warm weather calls for lighter and more refreshing food. Consider items such as fruit salads, pasta salads, or cold gazpacho.  For dessert, sorbets and ice creams.

Do consider heat relief.  If you’re having the entire ceremony and reception outdoors, think about having a place that guests can get out of the heat and cool down. Make sure there are plenty of refreshments, cold washcloths on ice, sorbets, and iced beverages being served.

Do not have a white shiny backdrop.  White shiny backdrops do not tend to work so well on hot summer days.They reflect against the sun and can be hard on the eyes and terrible for photographs.

Do not chance the weather.  When it comes to Mother Nature, you don’t want to take your chances and end up having to move the wedding indoor.  Speak to someone at the venue in regards to a backup plan.

Do not leave the cake in the sun.  Spending money on a fabulous cake to then have it ruined from the heat is very upsetting.

Do not forget about bugs.  If you are having an outdoor wedding, especially in the summer, chances are they bugs will be joining in on the festivities.  The last thing you want is mosquitoes and bees all over your wedding.Talk to the venue about ways to prevent the bugs from being around.

Do not think that because its summer and outdoors that your wedding theme needs to be the beach.  Sure, if you are near the water, then you might want to consider it.  But if you are having your wedding on any other venue, why not explore all of the different options for themes?  Make it unique and perfect for you.

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