Dream World Cirque

If you are looking to add some entertainment to your reception or pre wedding event look no further than Dream World Cirque. They offer a vast range of entertainers that will be sure to leave your guests speechless.

Here are some of their acts:

Cyr Wheel: Cyr wheel is one of the newest and most versatile circus apparatuses. Originated in 2003, the Cyr wheel is a giant metal ring in which the performer spins, hangs, and performs amazing feats of acrobatics which are sure to astound and delight any crowd.

Adagio: The duo adagio hand-to-hand performance incorporates incredible feats of strength and balance. There are so many possibilities for different storylines as the two partners interweave in a passionate dance, lifting, turning, and balancing high over each other, highlighting balance, strength, incorporating the male power and female beauty to balance & support each other.

Fire Performer: Whether you choose to add fire-dancing as atmosphere before the show, or acts during, it adds an element of excitement and exhilaration. The rushing sound of the flames rapid movement from the fans, hoop, and poi add a thrill of anticipation to the show.

Stilting: Stilt dancers & acrobats are a favorite choice for ambient greeting & strolling, as well as a great part of a show package. They dance, jump, do bridges, kicks, turns, break-dancing, headstands, & are awesome at rising above the crowd and entertaining guests by interacting and keeping them involved in what’s going on around them.

Sphere Performance: Within a clear sphere the performer dances, contorts, hand-balances, & inhabits her small world. Can be performed on the ground, or floating on a pool, lake, or pond, either as ambient sets, or used as an entrance or a featured act within a stage show.

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