Enhancing Your Reception Decor with Monogrammed Napkins

There is no doubt that personalized items are one of the hottest trends, especially with weddings. We all want that special day to be glamorous, chic and most of all, well known that this is YOUR day. Embroidering your wedding napkins are a huge statement, which is why companies do it with their brands such as Gucci with its G’s, Chanel with its C’s and Louis Vuitton with its LV’s.

Monogrammed napkins is a small detail that can greatly enhance and elevate your Reception. These added personal touches to your dinner tables can even be kept after your wedding day!

From writing your own vows to selecting the perfect menu, your wedding day is all about personalization! So, what better way to make your special day feel personalized than with beautifully crafted monogram napkins.

Here are some of our favorites: