Everything You Need For Your Home Event

Your home could be the perfect space for your pre-wedding event. It would be a one of a kind and personable venue for you and your guests. However, your home would not have all the supplies and equipment that an event space would normally have. Everything would need to be rented, from the glassware to the napkins, to the serving trays and toothpicks for butler-passed appetizers.
Here are some essential things to remember for a successful event:
  • Hire staff: servers, bartenders, cleanup, and runners to restock the buffet.
  • Always designate who will be removing the trash at the end of the event and confirm if there is a fee.
  • There should always be someone present during delivery to check off each item and to ensure all equipment is set up in the correct location and is working properly.
  • Designate who will be vacuuming right before the event begins.
  • Always order extras of everything: tables, linens, glassware, silverware, etc.
  • Always order 2 generators: all vendors will be sourcing their power through these and you want to make sure there is ample power for everyone.
  • Always confirm with the caterer that they will be serving coffee and tea after dinner.
  • Ask all vendors what their attire will be for your event. We like everyone to be in professional black. But for vendors who will be on stage, such as the band, it would be nice for their attire to match your decor and color scheme.
 Here is our checklist of what you will need for your perfect home event: