Finally Back in NYC!

Today I am finally back in the office in Manhattan. It is so exciting as everyone moves so quickly and there is so much to accomplish in one day!

I really enjoy being in Manhattan. Most of our brides are all over the country but we have a handful here in NYC.

We started to put the final details on our other Arizona wedding this month. It will be nice to be back there to do the wedding of Seema and Anish. I just hope all this change in weather does not get me sick.

Neeti and Kristina are at the office today. They are hard at work and doing research.

My drive to Manhattan from Philly was just looking at all the trees with the golden orange and red colors. Fall in the Northeast is so pretty. Really inspires us for all of our Fall Weddings.

I will have to put a photo up soon of the view from our Philly apartment. It is just beautiful!

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