Floor Plans

There’s no better way to remember what you visualized as your wedding setting than putting it down on paper. This is why floor plans are a must for every event. Here are some recommendations of what to put on your floor plan.

Wedding Ceremony
Area assigned for Mandap
Size of Mandap and stage
Width of Aisle
Number and type of chairs
Priest station
DJ Station
Water station
Entrances, Exits and Elevators

Cocktail Hour and Reception
Size and number of tables
Number of chairs on each table
Area assigned for food stations and number of food stations
Bride and groom table/stage (Include size)
DJ station and furniture to be used
Area assigned for bar
Size and location of dance floor
Cake table
Place C
ard table
Gift station
Entrances, Exits and Elevators

It is also a good idea to add side notes to your floor plan regarding providers of your furniture and linen at each venue.

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