Friday Welcome Event Menu

Your Friday night menu is just as important as your Saturday reception menu. We suggest to have both vegetarian and non vegetarian items as well as Indian and non Indian items so all guests can enjoy your food as well as offer a variety for them to choose from. Stations as well as appetizers gives more options and helps with the flow of the event by not having your guests solely wait on passed and non passed items. Here are some of our favorite items for your Friday Welcome Event.

  1. Thai
  2. Kathi Roll Station
  3. Mexican


  1. Dal Samosa
  2. Chicken Samosa
  3. Paneer Tikka Masala
  4. Tandoori Pickled Mushroom
  5. Scallop Wrapped with Bacon
  6. Vegetable Spring Roll
  7. Crab Cake
  8. Lamb Kabab
  9. Sapnakopita
  10. Coconut Shrimp


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