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Working in the wedding planning business has its ups and downs. Things can get really stressful one moment and plain old silly the next. Here are a coupe of silly moments that we’ve encountered through he months.

We were in Virginia for a pre wedding event and Sonal mentioned that the location was easy to miss for our guests. She suggested that we go to Party City and get balloons to tie onto the stop sign at the end of the street. Sonal, Ellen, Katherine and I set off for what I call our adventure. We ended up getting lost on our way to the store. And when we finally got there we purchased two dozen orange and pink balloons. Although Sonal owns an SUV, having four people in it with two dozen balloons was not the sanest moment of the night.
The picture below shows Ellen and me in the back seat trying to hold down the balloons because Sonal, who was driving, couldn’t see behind the car. I was sitting with my face flush against the side window the whole time.

Eventually we made it back to the event in one piece. But I don’t think we will be purchasing this many balloons at once again.

At another wedding also in Virginia we stayed at the Westin hotel (Sonal’s Favorite Hotel). They have a signature bed that they sell called the Heavenly Bed. Apparently this bed is the most comfortable bed you will ever sleep on. The picture below shows our attempt to test this theory…. Sonal was so silly probably because she just had driven 5 hours and we got to our hotel at 12:30am!

So as you can see we have had some silly and crazy moments when traveling to our events. I wonder what is in store for next year.


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