From Our bride Sarika

When your invitations arrive, you are going to need help. Most brides don’t know that your invitations do not come assembled. In fact they come in pieces which require a long time to put together.

Last Monday, our staff Judy and Jessica spent the entire day helping our bride Sarika. She wrote a very nice letter which is posted below:

Dear Sonal,

Thank you for lending me your helping hands. Judy and Jessica were a God’s send. I don’t know how long it would have taken to assemble the invitations without them. Please thank them for me.

Sarika Saagar

As our staff assembled, Sarika kept going to the post office to mail them out. In one day, all the invites were out in the mail.

Remember brides, most invitation places do offer to assemble for a small fee. This is the best investment to make as it takes a very long time to get the invites out in the mail.

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