Fun day with Faiza and Kamran

Posted by PicasaSonam from Chocol8kiss( )came over for a cake tasting yesterday with our Sept couple Faiza and Kamran. The cakes tasted so yummy. I was so greatful that she came into Manhattan for doing all this. The couple loved the cake and decided on what style and flavor they wanted.

Sonam Sondhi is new to the Indian wedding industry and we love to help new and young talent. She was a pastry chef before she started her own cake business in New Jersey.

Later on, Faiza, Kamran and I went to the Boathouse to see and walk the space and to discuss logistics.

Central Park is one of the prettiest places to get married and I get happy just being there.

I took this cute, cute, cute photo of our couple at The Boathouse.

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