Garba: Gujrati Sample Menu

Choosing an all vegetarian menu is no easy feat, having to also choose an all Gujrati menu makes it even trickier. Food is one of the most important aspects of any indian event, making sure your guests have plenty to eat is a must. When it comes to pre wedding events (like a Garba) we always suggest our client does a combination of passed appetizers and food stations. This way waiters are not getting bombarded for food and you can offer an array of different options.

Here is a sample menu for you to consider:

Chilli Paneer
Vegetable Samosas
Spring Rolls
Aloo Tikki
Palak and Corn Pakora
Mehti Corn Kebab
Cauliflower Kebab
Stuffed Chilli Bhajia
Paneer Tikka
Vegetable Cutlets


Chaat Station
Khati Roll Station
Pani Puri Station


Gulab Jamun
Assorted Kulfi’s