How to get an Airline Discount

Weddings can be a great expense for both the bride and her guests. At times, it can be difficult keeping the cost down when airfare is a must-have added expense. Recently, we have seen an increase in destination weddings. When having to travel for a wedding, many ask, “How can I get an airline discount?”. There are a few easy tips such as:

Try to buy your tickets at least three months in advance.
Book your own tickets online. Travel agents make commission from every ticket sold and this can increase the price.
Order your tickets during on a weekday oppose to the weekend.
It may be a bit more of an inconvenience, but order a connecting flight ticket. Taking a direct flight will cost you more money.

There are also other airline programs offered to wedding guests and these programs can help keep ticket prices down. Many airlines offer wedding registries. Every airline offers different benefits and has different requirements, but they can be an additional help when saving money.

· American Airlines have implemented a Wedding Event Travel Program. They offer 5% off to a group of 10 or more. Wedding guests are given a time period of when they must travel in order to receive the discount. Brides can call the airlines about their upcoming wedding and American Airlines will provide complimentary wedding invitation inserts to be included with the wedding invitation informing guests of the discount.
· Delta requires all guests to be on the same flight in order to qualify for the group discount rate.
· United Airway requires a minimum of 25 people to qualify for a group rate.

The best way to find out about an airline discount is to call each airline directly and ask about their requirements. Remember to ask about travel restrictions applying to the discount rate and how many people are required in order to qualify. The airline will provide guests with a discount code and this code will be used when purchasing discounts online or over the phone.

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