Getting Your Wedding Guests to The Celebration-Booking Shuttle Transportation for Your Wedding

When the big day arrives, you want to make sure that all of your guests are there to celebrate with you. This is why figuring out transportation for your guests is an important and essential part in having a smooth event. If you are looking at a larger group that will be traveling for your wedding, along with encouraging your guests to schedule their flights around the same time, things will run a lot smoother if they all happen to land around the same time too. Below are some key questions that any transportation company of interest should be able to answer for you:

1) How often does your shuttle run?
2) How many passengers per trip can fit on their shuttle?
3) What is the fee for booking their service?
4) Are there any discounts for special occasions such as weddings?
5) Can you book under a flat rate?
6) How many minutes will it take to transport your guests from the airport to the final destination?
7) What is their safety record?
8) Request to have your name put on the shuttle busses. Can they do this to let your incoming guests know that that particular shuttle is for the wedding party

Once these answers are ready and checked, it’s time to let all your RSVPs know that you will see them there!

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