Gorgeous Wedding Hairstyles

You have the dress fitted, the shoes selected, and the accessories dazzled to delight. The final step is deciding what you want your “I do” hairstyle to be. From high volume updos to beautifully cascading curls, the hairstyle you decide to rock must check a list of criterion before it makes it down the aisle. It not only has to complement your dress, shoes, makeup, and accessories, but also must withstand a wondrous night of dancing, eating, and celebrating festivities.

Consider a few of our favorite hairstyles


         Braid-Wrapped High Bun     Messy Updo with Curls    Integrated Fish-Tail Low Bun


 Messy Braid-Wrapped Low Bun   Updo with Floral Accessories               Simple Low Bun



   Tousled Half-Up Half-Down   Glamorous Half-Up Half-Down Curls       Side Swept Curls


         Braided Crown with Curls           Clipped Back Waves