Grand Entraces

Your grand entrance is your opportunity to revel in the joy of being a newly married couple. Be sure to enjoy the moment and make your entrance a little extra special. Choose a song that you can have fun with and one that will show off both of your personalities!

One question that we repeatedly get asked is aside from the bride and groom, who else should be included in the grand entrance? The answer is simple: it is up to the couple. On most occasions, it would be the bridal party and immediate family members of the couple (grandparents, siblings and parents).
If you choose to include your bridal party and family in your grand entrance, we suggest you follow this order:

Start with the bridal party. You can announce them all at once or individually. After the bridal party, come the siblings, first from the groom’s side and then from the bride’s side. Next up are the parents; again first the parents of the groom followed by the parents of the bride. Finally are the guests of honor – the bride and groom.

When announcing guests, take into account the formality of the wedding and what you are comfortable with. “Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mann” or “Amy and Joseph Mann” are both valid options. If the bride is retaining her maiden name, the couple may choose to be introduced by their full individual names, such as “Amy Kennedy and Joseph Mann”. Or the couple may choose to be introduced by their first names only, which is more informal but also an option.

However you choose to be introduced, always remember that the #1 rule for grand entrances is to HAVE FUN!

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