Hard Rock Cafe in Time Square

To be dining in Time Square is monumental but to hold an event in Time Square at the Hard Rock Café will take an event to an entirely different level. The atmosphere allows guests to feel like they are U2 and being treated like rock star royalty. We had the pleasure of receiving the VIP treatment from Melyssa Mercado, the Sales & Marketing Manager at the Hard Rock. From the Live Theatre Venue, that holds a 600 person party, rocking guests, to the NY room, for the sophisticated rocker, this event space ups the ante when it comes to the overall experience. Whether the event be a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, or a Sweet Sixteen all ages of guests will be entertained by the mind-blowing built-in lighting, sound and special effects this venue holds. An added bonus is the Marquee on the outside of the building, where a personalized message can be displayed for all of Time Square to see as well as arriving guests. This is the venue that will pamper you like your Bon Jovi and provide an overall experience that you will never forget.


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