High or Low?

When it comes to décor the age old question is, “Should I have low or high centerpieces for my wedding?” and the answer is that it is completely up to you! Whether you go with tall or low centerpieces there are great advantages to both.


Tall Centerpieces

People are always concerned that they won’t be able to talk to guests across the table if there is a tall centerpiece on the table, but the truth is that you really won’t be able to have an intimate conversation with someone who is sitting 5 feet away from you, especially over the sound of a band or DJ. With that in mind you can have a tall centerpiece without blocking guests from one another. Choose a tall vase with the flowers being above the sight line, also use a vase that is not too obstructive or choose one that is transparent.

Low Centerpices
By using low centerpieces you can create a more intimate feeling for your guests. With the design of a low centerpiece you can still incorporate varied heights of candlelight etc. without blocking any views.


Combination of Both
Most of our brides end up doing a combination of both low and high centerpieces as this can create the best look. It gives a more interesting look for the entire space, allowing for the initial impact as your guests first enter the space and continuing as they sit and enjoy dinner.The key thing to keep in mind is that you want to create a look that will allow the eye to wander throughout the space without it feeling too stagnant one way or the other.

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