Importance of Pipe and Drape

Have you ever wondered about the purpose of pipe and drape, located behind the stage area? I have. So, I started doing some research, and I was able to solve the mystery.

The purpose of pipe and drape is to cover unsightly objects that you do not want in pictures or videos of your special event. It can hide things such as light switches, panel doors, vents, staircases, doorway entrances, EXIT signs, and other objects in the room that could ruin the backdrop of the event.

I have a couple of examples from past events where there was no pipe and drape used in the background to create the center stage. Although the décor at both events was beautiful, there are objects that take your focus from the main stage.


One of our recent brides had a perfect example where pipe and drape was used in the background of the stage area. It makes a big different. Your focus stays on the center stage rather then the background. You’re not distracted by the objects behind the stage. There are a few doorways to the kitchen and a couple of Exit signs behind these drapes.

Pipe and drape can also be used to cover the walls of the entire venue if the wall color does not go with your color scheme. Or it can create a more intimate and romantic space where you have high vaulted ceilings. So once you’ve chosen your venue, make sure to speak with your decorator or venue about using pipe and drape. Mystery solved!

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