Importance of Stage Covers & Pipe and Drape


Many brides forget about stage covers and pipe and drape for their event. When doing any staging it is important to remember to include skirting and a stage cover. If either aspect is left out your stage will be an eye sore against your beautifully decorated room. Also, depending on who will utilize the stage, a band or musician, they may require a cover for the stage since they may be sitting on the stage directly rather than on chairs.

Now that you have your staging all set, I am sure you can see the service doors or exit signs directly behind your sweet heart table or mandap. Here is where a backdrop or pipe and drape is so important. It completes the overall look but also hides the unsightly aspects for your pictures and event. When ordering pipe and drape for your back drape, remember to make sure is enough to cover these items, such as service doors, air walls dividers and exit signs. Here are some photos with and without a stage cover and pipe and drape. You can see the difference.


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