The Importance Of A Timeline On Your Wedding Day

There are many things that can help make sure that your wedding day runs smoothly, but the most important among them is having a wedding timeline.  Planning a wedding takes a lot of thinking ahead, but when it comes to the day of, nobody ever really knows how much time he or she really needs throughout the day.That’s where a timeline really comes in handy, it helps the day run smoothly and keeps everyone organized and ready without chaos and confusion.

Some key points to have in your timeline are:

  1. Make sure to include a hair and makeup schedule.
  2. Make sure to add in vendor arrival and departure times.
  3. Make sure to note any transportation pickups and drop-offs.
  4. Make sure to include all walks down the aisle and grand entrance lineups.
  5. Make sure to include all songs such as music for walk down the aisles, grand entrances, first dance, cake cutting, and last song of the night.

Nobody wants to be overwhelmed on their special day, and there are a lot of things to think about when it comes to your wedding. Having a timeline creates a stress free wedding day all while keeping things moving and makingsure that everyone and everything happens according to plan.

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