Importance of Wedding Insurance

Most couples are too busy planning for the big day and don’t think about things such as insuring the wedding. I’ve done many weddings over the years and most have moved forward without a glitch, but there is always a small chance that something could happen. There are many reasons you should insure your event…for example if you are getting married in Florida and a hurricane hits on the day of?  Other examples are cancellation to wedding, vendor no-show or unexpected postponement due to an illness.  There are many companies that can help insure your wedding day.  A couple of websites which offer wedding insurance are and  Wedsafe offers two different insurance packages, as well as additional products to insure your wedding.   Coverage costs will depend on the level of coverage you require and your budget.

Before moving forward with planning for the big day, remember to purchase wedding insurance.  You never know if you will need it, but why take a chance.

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